Slamology / Sound Check Show

How it is that Slamology has already come and gone? The season is already flying by. Friday night, at the dB Drag Sound Check show, DTX managed to set 2 World Records!
Sam Dunn now holds the world record in Street Stock 1k with a 150.9, and Nate Crosbie with a 156.0 in Pro Stock Trunk 5k.

Slamology was hot and humid but a great time as usual. It’s always fun getting to meet customers in person and seeing everyone out and about again. 
We stayed quite busy, reconing about 30 subs over the weekend! Thanks to everyone that brought their subs by! We wish we could have helped more of you but there’s only so much time in the day. 

If you stopped by, you probably noticed DTX had a couple of demo cars this year. Hopefully you had fun checking them out, hearing some of our guys’ builds!
Cameron Cressman had his truck with 8 NSv3 Retro 18s in our booth giving out wild demos next to Paul Nasers with his Tahoe, The Hog. He also runs NSv3 Retros, 8 15s.  

On the competing side of things, the DTX Team took home quite a few Slamology Jugs! This group of guys never ceases to amaze me!