It will take on average, 2-14 days for a subwoofer to be built and shipped.

**Please understand that this is a refurbished subwoofer.**
Explanation of a refurbished subwoofer: Sub may have scratches, blemishes and not look 100% brand new since we are re-using a working motor and frame (unless a new frame is requested upon purchase), and installing brand new parts inside i.e. cone, coil, spider, triple joint ring, and dust cap. This subwoofer will function just as new and comes with a 30-day guarantee against build defects.



The SA-8 v.2 represents the pinnacle of low distortion, ported box 8 inch subwoofer technology. Every piece of the SA-8 v.2 has been custom tooled with the utmost performance and lowest distortion in mind. We started with a proprietary FEA optimized motor design made just for the SA-8 v.2 which features double farady rings just like it’s bigger brothers. This motor is mated to a custom tooled and patented (US Patent D691595) frame which allows for a larger spider and superior clearances to nearly any other 8″ woofer on the market today. The spider itself was custom tooled to achieve a very even compliance curve and also features double, tied down tinsel leads to handle incredible amounts of power. The SA-8 v.2 also features a full 16mm of Klippel verified one-way linear excursion and mechanical capacity in excess of double the linear limits to ensure that mechanical failures are nearly impossible at any reasonable power level.

The SA-8 v.2 takes a departure from it’s larger cone diameter siblings in terms of the voice coil ventilation. We still use our “trademark” vented spacer ring but the SA-8 v.2 features a solid pole piece to allow the maximum level of magnetic flux to pass through it. As the SA-8 v.2 uses a 2″ coil there is less steel in the pole than with a larger diameter coil so we preserved all of it. We still took great care to fully test and optimize the ventilation in the SA-8 v.2 to ensure thermal reliability even under the most punishing conditions. As with our SD-2 series the solid pole also allows mounting directly against or very close to the enclosure back-wall; thus reducing the effective depth requirement of the woofer. As the SA-8 v.2 is already very deep for an 8″ woofer this is a very important feature when presented with tight mounting requirements.

The standard SA-8 v.2 features a 4-layer copper voice coil for the most possible low-end extension. We do offer SPL models with lighter coils and even “extreme SPL” models with harder spider packs and other impedance configurations (these must be custom built). We can use anywhere from 2 to 6 spider layers on SPL versions to tailor the FS where it needs to be for a given SPL application.

Xmax = 16mm one-way by 70% BL
RMS Power = 500-watts

Specifications SA-8 v.2 D2 SA-8 v.2 D4
RE (ohms) 3.36 ohm 5.76 ohm
FS (Hz) 34.6hz 35.95hz
Vas (L) 7.44 7.25
Qes 0.35 0.411
Qms 10.10 5.97
Qts 0.33 0.385
Le (mH) 2.03 2.69
BL (NA) 17.56 21.05
Mms (Grams) 156 140
Cms (uM/N) 140 140
Sens (1w/1m) 81.5db 81.16
SA-8 v.2
Sealed 0.28 ft^3
Ported 0.5-0.75 ft^3 @ 35hz
Displacement 0.08 ft^3
Depth 6 5/8″
Outside Diameter 8 3/8″
Cut-Out 7 3/8″