It will take on average, 2-14 days for a subwoofer to be built and shipped.

The SA8 v.1 and v.1.5 use the same motor and coil, but the change to v.1.5 brought on a new cone, spider, and basket. Because the v.1.5 has far superior parts, all motors will be built up with v.1.5 parts. All you’ll need to pick is the impedance of the coil. Dual 2ohm or Dual 4ohm.


**Please understand that this is a refurbished subwoofer.**
Explanation of a refurbished subwoofer: Sub may have scratches, blemishes and not look 100% brand new since we are re-using a working motor and frame (unless a new frame is requested upon purchase), and installing brand new parts inside i.e. cone, coil, spider, triple joint ring, and dust cap. This subwoofer will function just as new and comes with a 30-day guarantee against build defects.



Several versions of the SA-8 v.1 exist — you can CLICK HERE to help determine which one you have.

The SA-8 v.1 features a heavy duty 2″ copper voice coil and a double layer sandwich spider pack to support it’s high level of excursion and to facilitate it’s tremendous output potential. It features the same unique voice coil ventilation system seen on the SA-10/12/15 woofers to help it achieve industry leading thermal power handling.

As with all Sundown Audio woofers the SA-8 is made to work in SMALL enclosures. By small we mean 0.5-0.6 cubic foot ported boxes. Due to the VERY strong motor of the SA-8 we DO NOT suggest using them in large enclosures.