Made of Steel Show

Made Of Steel took place last weekend in Dover Florida. 5 of our DTX guys attended and did fairly well.
DTX’s Chris Valle achieved a new world record in dB Drag PST5K! Congratulations to Chris and all of the other guys on their accomplishments!

Chris also took 1st in MECA Street 3, & IASCA Trunk 3.
Bubba Brewer took 1st in MECA MS3, & Rad XMS. 1st in ISPLL Real SPL No Wall 4 & All Around No Wall 2. 2nd place in dB Drag Bass Race 139.9, 2nd in Top Dog and 1st in SSX.
Dustin Wright was the 1st place winner in dB Drag Top Dog and Bass Race 129.9.
Charles Junior took 2nd in MECA XM2 and M4. In ISPLL Wall 1 Real SPL, he took 1st. He also won a 2nd in dB Drag SS 1-2.
Garry Rogers was the 1st place winner in ISPLL classes NW2 Real SPL, NW3 Real SPL, & NW3 SPL Average. 3rd in dB Drag Bass Race 139.9.